Rock The Dock with Paralandra

Paralandra at The Paddlewheel

Paralandra’s story started in Springfield, 2013 when they set out to create a sincere and unique musical expression of themselves – regardless of musical style or genre.
They strive tirelessly to create an immersive live show experience, and their hard work has paid off – enabling them to tour with some major acts, including recently, Yngwie Malmsteen, a world-renowned rock guitar god.
Paralandra is fresh off an awesome East coast tour! Don’t miss your chance to see Paralandra as they rock the dock with us a little closer to home!

Rock The Dock with Wicked Shimmy

Wicked Shimmy at The PaddlewheelPURE, UNADULTERATED, SEXY ROCK-N-ROLL
Wicked Shimmy is not your ordinary cover band! They play only the best rock and roll from the 1960’s to 2000’s and everything in between. From the melodic enchantment of 4 Non Blondes’ “What’s Up?,” to the heavy hitting “Run to the Hills” by Iron Maiden, they have just the right mix of music that will reach the broadest spectrum of music fans everywhere!