Paddlewheel Reviews

Robert Branson AvatarRobert Branson

Had a wonderful night of music and drinks. Staff was very attentive and quick with the service even though they... read more - 1/30/2019 

Tim Atkinson AvatarTim Atkinson

Always a great atmosphere when I have been there. The food is fantastic. Live music and good times!!! - 4/10/2019 

Leanna Scott AvatarLeanna Scott

Great place to watch a game! Good music and friendly wait staff. - 12/26/2019 

Tommy Eagle AvatarTommy Eagle

This place is rad. I wasn't sure how I'd feel about it when I heard about it, but when I... read more - 10/11/2017 

Chip Boe AvatarChip Boe

good drinks and relaxed atmosphere - 8/08/2018 

Jennifer Joseph Simpson AvatarJennifer Joseph Simpson

I wrote my comment off of someone else who was complaining,, :o) - 4/12/2017 

Joshua Quick AvatarJoshua Quick

It's a fun relaxing environment, where we treat you like Family, except we clean up after you!!! 😁 lol So... read more - 7/13/2019 

Calista Y. AvatarCalista Y.

5 star rating Took a Saturday afternoon stroll around Branson landings and was told from several other servers to go here - we... read more - 1/29/2017 

Carla Walton Ennis AvatarCarla Walton Ennis

Good food, great service, fun atmosphere. We will go back. - 8/13/2016 

Louise Reidelberger AvatarLouise Reidelberger

Fun place. Food and service was good. Looking forward to going back to listen to the bands. - 6/30/2018